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Who Are We?

“We are about solutions, in creating world class packaging."

Better Products, Better Service

Gulf International Packaging ( GIPAK ) was established in 2007 to satisfy a real need in the food service marketplace for high quality foam plastic packaging. We are committed to providing our customers with higher quality products, better service, and improved product designs.

GIPAK is an active arm operating under the umbrella the well-established Bahrani Group which traces its history back to 1925 and is involved in manufacturing and trading businesses in the food, consumer goods, packaging, building materials, construction, and electrical & electronic appliances. The Bahrani Group is one of the most innovative industrial groups in the region, applying new technologies, system, and techniques in its business and management practices.


Building on its solid reputation of high quality, excellent service, and fast response, GIPAK designs and manufactures packaging for food service, catering, fruit, vegetable products, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, egg, and bakery applications, which have enabled GIPAK to become a major exporter to many countries in the Middle East and North Africa. We have also recently launched new innovative products such as high absorbent trays that provide real competitive advantage to the companies that use them.


To be a regional leader and affected player in providing complete disposable, food packaging solutions to food service and household consumers, within next 5 years.


Best in class

products & services.


Integrated production lines, staff, stores & sales operation ensuring just in time availability.


Expertise, efficiencies & economies drive the competitive value of our products


Manufacturing and supplying pacaging system and solution.

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